Wednesday, February 20, 2013


On Israel trip, Obama to get medal – CNN Political Ticker - Blogs

  Is this a photo of Israel's President Shimon Peres receiving the Obama blessing?  Perhaps it's President Peres doing the Obama suck-up handshake.  I'm not in the least anti-Semitic but I find the look on Shimon's face pathetic, and very, very disturbing.  Maybe I'm wrong, maybe Shimon Peres always looks this way in the face of his enemy. 
  It is reported that Israeli President Shimon Peres will bestow the coveted Presidential Medal of Distinction on Barack Hussein Obama, and Obama will be the first sitting U.S. President to receive this honor.  Story has it that Obama is receiving the award for, (get this) making "a unique and significant contribution to strengthening the State of Israel and the security of its citizens."  Are you kidding me?  President Peres can't be seriously thinking of making a public statement like that, or...can he?
  I have to ask, what significant contribution are the Israelis referring to?  Could it be that Obama's idea of facilitating a Middle-East peace is for Israel to pull their borders back to the prior 1967 map coordinates?  Could it be the fact that Obama toured the entire Middle-East, but shunned Israel during the trip?  Could it be Obama's most recent support of the "Arab" Spring?  You know the spring that put the Muslim Brotherhood in control over every Arab nation that surrounds Israel.  Perhaps the Distinction Award is for Obama's latest contribution to Middle-East peace, i.e., giving the Muslim Brotherhood controlled nation of Egypt 20 F-16 fighter jets, with a complete compliment of armament I'm sure.  Oh and let's not forget the dubious distinction of the U.S. gift to the Brotherhood of 200 Abrams M1A1 tanks, also with a compliment of armament and if I heard correctly, an American maintenance agreement for both the F16s and the tanks.  
  Is it possible that no one informed the President of Israel that the man to which he is bestowing this high honor has just armed the enemy with enough fire power to annihilate two thirds of Israel's population?  Oh, wait a minute, I know what it is, it's the "Iron Dome" anti-missile system that protects Israel from the enemy's U.S. provided arsenal of weaponry.  
  I'm very sorry, but I can't make any sense of this award being given to Obama, especially Obama!  If you want irony, I'll give you irony.  The award is given to "private" individuals and organizations that have made (get this) "outstanding contributions to bettering the world."  I really think I'm going to puke.
  Giving a medal of this magnitude to a dictator wanna-be like Obama is like giving the Christian of the Year Award to Lucifer himself, there is simply no logic to it, none!  
  And so, the world presses on, unceasing appeasement of Muslims, destruction of the only Constitutional Republic in the world, the removal of God from every aspect of government and public places around the globe, resulting in the severe moral decay of one nation after the other.  I mentioned a number of times my thoughts about the nations of the world declining into another Dark Age, well, here it comes.  
  It is fortunate that those of us in America that still cling to our Bibles and guns, teach our children about God and the sacrifice that Jesus made for all mankind, will continue to instill morality into their minds.  Perhaps one day, the world will once again climb out of the sewer we've allowed to entrap us, and the nations will pray, and turn from their wicked ways, and God will hear that prayer from heaven and heal the nations.  Because we've read the Bible, and we know how the story ends, we know that God will not allow Israel to be vanquished by it's enemies.  We must also be cognizant of the long and arduous road ahead, and it will not be without suffering and tribulations.  This new Dark Age begins with Barack Hussein Obama being awarded the Presidential Medal of Distinction from God's chosen people.
God help us.
The Watchman

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