Sunday, February 10, 2013

FAA Releases New Drone Authorization List — See Who Applied to Have Them | Video |

FAA Releases New Drone Authorization List — See Who Applied to Have Them | Video |

  Above, is the latest release from the FAA, it contains some 63 new locations of approved "Drone Sites".  No doubt there is one near you.  If not, let it be known that many city, state and county law enforcement authorities are seeking permission to implement Drone surveillance.  If this map doesn't show a major Drone Site near you, you can bet in the coming months, it will.
  I have one thought for all of those who see no problem with drone surveillance in their cities and towns:
  The facts state that a minimum of 583 U.S. corporations have had their computers hacked in the past 12 months.  Included in those successful hackings, are the White House, State Department, NY Stock Exchange, NOAA, and the Dept. of Energy.  According to Leon Panetta (Defense Secretary) "the U.S. government is cyber attacked thousands of times per day."  According to a U.S. government Cyber Security specialist, the U.S. government computers are extremely vulnerable to hackers, who, if successful might gain control of the electrical grids, cross country pipelines and pumping stations, communication systems, etc., etc..
  With this knowledge in mind, do you think it's a good idea to have armed drones flying through cities and neighborhoods?  Personally, I believe that if hackers can and do get into government, law enforcement agencies, and private company computer systems, what is to stop them from gaining control over these drones?  Actually nothing can guarantee that some wacko wouldn't be able to intercept a radio control signal from ground to drone, and then corrupt it and wreak havoc, at will.  I have little or no faith in the government to keep these drones safe and in sane hands.  Let alone some rural law enforcement agency.  My point:  The Group that calls themselves "Anonymous" have successfully hacked into over 70 rural law enforcement agencies around the country.  If they can do it, then anyone with criminal intentions can do it, other than this Obama administration, we do have other enemies out there in cyber space.  
  I'm simply musing, but if your town has an arrow on this map, you may want to place some calls to your state and local Representatives and find out what their intentions are and what their justification for placing drones in your back yard might be.
God help us.
The Watchman

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