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    Has anyone ever read the motto of the ACLU?  This is the first time I paid any attention to it, then again I have never visited the ACLU website until today that is.  Their motto is:  "Because Freedom Can't Protect Itself."  Isn't that sweet?  Well, I beg to differ with the ACLU, because freedom can protect itself.  Freedom can be protected when freedom is based in truth, honesty and integrity, three words that the folks at the ACLU have little or no comprehension of.  So much for their motto, I just had to get that off my chest.
  The link above will take you to an article written by Dena Sher, of the ACLU Washington Legislative Office.
  As you will see, the article is entitled:  Radically Wrong:  Misstated Threats-Terrorism isn't an American Muslim Problem.  Catchy, isn't it?  Yes it is, but it is also an inaccurate statement, and contradictory too, I might add.  The terminology "American-Muslim" is a contradiction in terms to say the least.  It is obvious that the author Ms. Dena Sher has no idea that the words American and Muslim cannot be conjoined.  The word "American" represents, (for the sake of this ACLU article), the United States of America.  The United States of America is a Constitutional Democratic Republic, which is for all intensive purposes, a government of the people, by the people and for the people.  The word "Muslim" means a follower of "Islam" which mean "submission".  Islam is a culture, it is not a race of people, it is not a religion.  Islam is a government and a religion in and of itself.  Muslims are followers of Islam, and it is their religious tenets that govern the followers.  Muslims have no freedom of speech, they have no input into the laws and dogma they are required under penalty of death to obey.   Suffice to say, that Islam is more of a theocracy than anything else.  Islam is the complete and total antitheses of a Constitutional Republic.  Islam and it's followers the Muslims do not adhere to any man made laws, or rules or regulations of any religion other than Islam.  If the ACLU could actually wrap their little minds around this truth, they would not have condoned the Dena Sher article.  In essence, although there are Muslims who were born in America, by the shear acceptance of Islam as their way of life, negates any claim they have to being American in the context of this ACLU article. 
  The purpose of Ms. Sher's article is to attempt to convince all true Americans that Muslims are not a problem in America, and that there is no connection between Islam and terrorism in the United States.  Well I'm sorry Ms. Sher, you couldn't be more off the beaten path, or farther out in left field on your propaganda. 
  We can all remember 9/11.  We can all remember that it was perpetrated by Muslims, every last one of them.  Since 9/11, the Federal, state and local governments and law enforcement agencies have been bending over backwards to appease the Muslims, who have made no secret of the fact that their sole intention is to destroy the American Constitutional Republic, remove God and Jesus Christ from our civilized society and replace them with Muhammad the Pedophile Prophet and Allah the barbaric Moon God.  And the ACLU is trying to tell us there is no connection with terrorism and Islam/Muslims.  The ACLU which stemmed from the American Communist Party of the 1930's had to become the America Civil Liberties Union because, no self respecting American would give credence to any organization with the word "Communist" in the title.  Make no mistake, the ACLU is still well steeped in the Communist way of government.  It would be a better description if their title was Anti-American Communist Party Union.  As I said, honesty and integrity are not part of the ACLU's forte'.  So their true agenda will stay hidden from those who refuse to see through their disguise.
  Someone needs to inform the ACLU that terrorism takes and uses many forms to cloak the true intention.  Since 9/11, the Department of Homeland Security was established, the Transportation Security Agency was formed to supposedly protect the American people from, okay I'll say it "Muslims" whose intention is to harm or murder anyone who isn't Muslim.  The formation of these two agencies are a type of terrorism in themselves, are they not?  If you disagree, then allow me to pose these questions:  Who is it that is subject to the most scrutiny when passing through airport security?  Is it American men, women, & children or Muslims?  You guessed it, it's the Americans.  Muslims are not scrutinized as much, because Muslims object to it, ironic isn't it?  That's right, no one wants to offend the Muslims.  Christians and Jews, well that's okay, but Muslims....Not so much!  It is those who attacked us that are objecting to airport searches, while innocent Americans who had absolutely nothing to do with the events of 9/11 are frisked, patted down, made to remove shoes, limited to carrying too much shampoo, have their medicines confiscated, little American children violated, as well as the elderly and the wheel chair confined, and it is the Muslims who object.  I ask again, who was it that perpetrated the 9/11 murders at the World Trade Center?  And now who are the American people being forced to appease?  This is a no-brainer ACLU!  Still don't see a terrorism connection.  How about this, the first public organizations to jump on the "gun control band wagon" in America were none other than CAIR and ISNA.  Why you ask, for the same reason Obama wants to disarm America, because people who have no way to resist occupation and control, are easier to occupy and control.  Don't see it yet ACLU, well how about this.  Muslims are establishing neighborhoods where "Sharia Law" is in force, with that, the introduction of legislation to make it a crime to speak ill of Muhammad the Pedophile Prophet or Allah the Moon God.
     If this is still America, and the ACLU touts freedom of speech, why is there no outcry from the ACLU about stifling speech that speaks the truth about Islam?  I'm not saying that all political correctness in the world stems from Muslim invasions, but I would venture to say that 90% of America's God given freedoms are falling by the wayside for one simple reason.  FEAR of Islamic reprisals.  If that is not the result of terrorism, I don't know what is!
God Help Us
The Watchman       


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