Wednesday, January 16, 2013


  Don't look now, or better yet, you had better look now, because your freedom and liberty and your inalienable rights are about to be trampled on once again!
  Let's try to keep in mind where we came from.  The Revolutionary War was fought against the England, because it had imposed a tyrannical government upon the American Colonies.  After the Colonial Army defeated the British Army, our founding fathers, (the same ones who penned the Declaration of Independence and sent it off to the British Monarchy), came together once again to draft what we know today as The Constitution of the United States of America.  Every elected official (servant of the people), takes an oath to obey, uphold and enforce this Constitution.  It appears as the years have passed, numerous servants of the people have deemed themselves authorities over and above the people.  This is a direct violation of the Constitution in it's own right.  When one swears to uphold the Constitution, one swears to uphold it on it's own merits, and all Amendments as written.  With Barack Obama's incessant use of Executive Orders to skirt around congress, especially on matters that he knows will have little support or achieve final congressional approval, he usurps the power of the Constitution.  So, how does he continue to do this, and not be called foul?  He gives to those who he owes, and he gives until his supporters owe him.  In other words he is consistently buying himself a pass.  That is why every one of his speeches sounds like a campaign speech.  Buying passes and buying votes and buying approval are all one in the same for this president.  He knows that no body wants to cut off the hand that feeds them, even if it means giving up certain liberties and constitutional rights.  The Second Amendment for example.  It clearly states that the citizen's right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.  The word "shall" means "MUST".  Therefore, the citizen's right to keep and bear arms must not be infringed.  Common sense and a modicum of knowledge of the English language will tell you that any law, ordinance or edict, be it at the Federal level, State or Local, that infringes on the citizen's right to keep and bear ("bear" means carry on one's person) is essentially unconstitutional, period!!!  Today Barack Obama is placing Executive Orders carrying edicts of more gun controls upon the American citizen.  This my friends is a double violation of the Constitution of the United States.  So you see, as Obama buys votes and approvals with entitlements, he places his "Yoke" around the necks of all those who are now afraid to stand against him.  Fear of losing free food, free housing, free wages is too much for people to give up, so instead they allow Obama and the ruling government to place a "Yoke" around their necks.  The acceptance of un-earned entitlements is the acceptance of slavery and the ceding of liberty.  So you see, "The Yokes On You".
  Are you sitting down?  Here comes a prediction?  What ever happened to illegal alien amnesty?  Do not be surprised that should Obama get the proverbial pass on his expansion of gun control, the next will be an Obama Royal Edict (I mean Executive Order), giving amnesty to what the administration will tell you is eleven million illegals.  So don't be surprised when the "Yoke" gets heavier around your tax-paying necks.  Has anyone ever wondered how the Obama administration arrived at the number eleven million?  Why, not more that 3 years ago that number was thirteen million.  How did the count go down?  From estimates given through a number of websites, the number of illegal aliens in this country is more like thirty million.  Shear basic math will tell you that the borders have not been closed for at least the last four years, and the estimates of illegal border crossings for the past ten years numbered in the millions per year.  Just so you know, I'm not talking solely of illegal Mexican nationals, make no mistake, we have illegal aliens from many countries living amongst us.  Here is a simple common sense question to ask yourself, especially if you think I'm just blowing smoke into the air:  Do you think for a moment that the Democrat and the Republican Parties would be so adamant about pandering to a measly eleven million frightened illegals who aren't supposed to be allowed to vote?  I believe we all know the answer to that is NO.  However, converting thirty million illegals into legal voters, now there is a worthwhile endeavor for any politician who has their sights on remaining in office for the rest of their days.  Simply put, the party gaining the most illegal support, will also be the party gaining the most newly legalized support.  So if you are an illegal alien in this country or you know an illegal who is accepting an un-earned amnesty, the "Yoke" is being placed exactly where Obama knows it will service him best, right around the unsuspecting neck of the amnesty recipient.  
  Here is the bottom line for all American citizens to try and understand.  If you are willing to give up your freedom for safety, then you deserve neither one.  Because anything the government gives, they can take away, and probably will someday.
  With this administration, and I can't warn you enough times.  As Obama puts his hand out for you to see, that there is nothing up his sleeve, you'd better look where his other hand is.  You can bet the hand you see isn't the hand you should be watching.  Right now Obama is showing his gun control hand, it's time to look for his amnesty hand.  Keep in mind, it's the snake you don't see that you get bitten by.
  Obama doesn't care whether you have health care, and he doesn't care if there is another fiscal crisis, he's causing it!  He doesn't care if gasoline is 3, 4 or 5 dollars a gallon, and he doesn't care if next winter you'll be able to afford to heat your homes, or whether you'll even have a home to heat.  People we've got to awaken this sleeping nation.  Obama has but one goal and that is control!  Control of the people, period!!!
God Help Us
The Watchman

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