Wednesday, April 11, 2012


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  Good question, where is Barack Obama, and where is Eric Holder?  Barack Obama is sitting in the Oval Office laughing his rear-end off at the stupidity of the Black Panthers, because they are doing his dirty work.  Eric Holder on the other hand has no intention of trying to quell the tribal natives, as they are restless, and they are doing the bidding of the administration.  All with that uneducated, self-ordained minister of racial division Al Sharpton leading the charge.  Both Barack Obama, and Eric Holder are about as racist as bigoted they come.  Their silence regarding the violent behavior of the New Black Panthers, both past and present, is proof positive of that.  The New Black Panthers are calling for a blood bath, calling for a race war, and calling for the murder of Whites.  Don't kid yourselves, this call to arms by the Panthers, has absolutely nothing to do with the death of Trayvon Martin, actually it has little to do with George Zimmerman.  The death of Trayvon is nothing but a means to an end, a perfectly good crisis, that according to Obama's minions, should not be wasted.  It is, is the race divide that Obama needs to continue his quest for control of the people.  The once self-touted uniter of the people, has been undermining the racial equality steps that have been accomplished in the past 50 years, for his own evil purposes.  Government control of the people is his aim, and dividing the people is his game.  If he can, he will do it in 4 years.  If not, he will find a way to get 4 more years, and after that, in my opinion there will no longer be free elections in this country.  I pray I'm wrong, but don't say you haven't been alerted!
  Obama, as we all know will get the Black vote this coming Fall.  As Obama's buddy Van Jones so eloquently put it:  "Barack Obama will get the Black vote even if he came out and said he was gay."  Of course, Van Jones is correct.  But, I have to ask, what does that say about the Black voters?  Could it be that it is the Black voter in America who is the racist?  We all know that the Black vote alone could not, and did not carry Obama into the White House, there was a multitude of White folks just as guilty of electing this Liar in Chief.  Barack Obama did get over 90% of the Black vote in 2008.  This time around, I doubt that that percentage will change by any more than a point one direction or the other.  So where is the Black voter loyalty?  Is it to the country's survival, or is it to keeping a so-called Black man in the White House?  Is their race their God?  Every single Socialist/Progressive scheme Obama tried has failed miserably, but it isn't failure in Obama's eyes.  He has managed to put more Americans out of work, more Americans on welfare, more Americans on food stamps than ever before in history.  I won't even mention the national debt, (yes I will) that Obama has managed to grow more than all the previous presidents combined, from George Washington to George Bush Sr.  He has, through his failed policies, managed to turn a once strong, thriving nation into a nation half full of leaches, not just leaches, but leaches who want even more benefit, and will not work.  Under Barack Obama, 40% of the American people are dependent upon government entitlements, and redistribution of wealth for their livelihood.  47% of Americans do not pay a dime in income tax, and the other 53% carry the load.  Under Barack Obama people now have 99 weeks of unemployment compensation, as Gingrich once said, that 99 weeks is long enough to earn a Associates Degree.  As Benjamin Franklin put it, they have been made comfortable in their poverty, and Obama is solely responsible for that phenomenon.
   No, Obama and Holder will not intervene in this Black Panther call for the shedding of the blood of Whites, because that is exactly what they want to happen.  It's all part of the plan for this country to become just another global unit.  Chaos between the races is a necessary evil for globalism to become the norm.  If Obama can keep the American people fighting and killing each other, he is sure that we will not have time to notice the implementation of his Socialist regime, and the One World Order.  The people will be fighting until they cry out for a savior, and then Barack Obama will be there to bring peace.  Understand however, it won't be the peace and prosperity we once new, it will be a forced peace, without freedom and without liberty, without God and without a Constitution and Bill of Rights.  When America awakens from the bloody nightmare, an entirely new America will have been forged from senseless battle among ourselves.
  It is imperative that we at least attempt to slow this Socialist/Progressive process down.  It is imperative that Barack Obama, if possible, be soundly defeated in this upcoming election in 2012.  The nation and this nations children are depending on those of us capable of voting, in what may very well be the last free and fair election, to get it right this time.
God Help Us
The Watchman

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