Thursday, March 15, 2012


Which one is the Taliban spokesman?  The idiot with gun, or the newly deaf pea-brain holding his ear???

Dateline:  Thursday, March 15, 2012
Headline:  Washington Post

  I'm curious as to how one goes about talking peace with a barbaric horde of Islamic jihadis.  Do you sit at a table in a office complex, or do you sit cross-legged in a tent somewhere in the desert?  Do you take the grand mullah at his word, write an agreement on paper, or is it just a handshake between enemies?  I can see no reason for the Taliban to discuss peace with Americans, after all, didn't Barack Obama already give the Taliban and Al Queda the time-line for America's withdrawal?  I'm sure he did.  If I knew when the enemy was scheduled to pull out from the battle, I would simply wait for their departure and walk in and re-establish power.  Although most of those Taliban look ignorant, they aren't degenerate enough to look a gift-camel in the mouth.
  Although Hamid Karsai is as corrupt a our own President, he would like the Americans to leave his country.  I've never been a quitter, nor have I been one to run from a fight, but let's face it, the odds against America coming out of this on top, are pretty slim.  Don't get me wrong, our troops are more than capable of kicking the Taliban across the Gobi and back again, but not unless they are allowed to do so.  President Obama with his new "don't shoot anyone" rules of engagement have our warriors fighting with on hand behind their backs.  President Karsai on the other side, is consistently holding on to their other arm and just won't let go.  Even American troops, as well trained and as brave and courageous as they are, cannot win a battle given those odds of "look ma, no hands".  There was no such thing as fighting a war with the goal being "not to lose" prior to Obama.  If our fighting men and women aren't going to be given the green light to win this thing, then they will just be in Afghanistan till they are all blown up, either one by one, or five or ten at a time.  The only way to win a war, is to kill the enemy and keep on killing them till they get tired of dying, then perhaps they will stop fighting.  Unfortunately, this battle we are engaged in in the Middle East, is unlike any we, as a country has ever fought.  This is not a war of nation against nation, this is a holy war (like the terminology, or not), and the Taliban and Al Queda are willing to die for their Allah.  The most prestigious thing in Islamic jihad is to be martyred for Allah, it guarantees them a spot in heaven.  Being martyred is the only way for these people.  Death, doesn't frighten them, they look forward to it.  How can you defeat an enemy that has no fear of death?  There is only one way, and I know that it's not politically correct, but you have to kill each and every one of them, period!  Obama knows this, and so does Leon Panetta, the entire congress, every General, and down to every Private.  If you do not admit it, you are doomed to be beaten.  If you cannot recognise your enemy, then his patience is his most formidable weapon.  He will simply destroy you by attrition.  World War I and II, were not won by trying not to lose.  Korea, Vietnam, there was surrender, and literally hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians died anyway, especially in Vietnam.  Look at Korea, divided into two nations.  North Korea has thousands of Christians locked up in concentration camps.  So, I ask, how exactly, did that war end?  You know the answer!  Iraq is already being taken back over by Al Queda, and when we leave Afghanistan, it will also fall back into the hands of the Taliban, you know it, and I know it, and of course thousands of civilians who were friendly to the Americans, will die at the hands of the Taliban.
  Unless the United States is intent on cornering the Opium Poppy market, I think it may be time to either tell Hamid Karsai to take a hike, and arm our troops and let them win this thing, or tell Hamid Karsai, hey, here's your country, such as it is, you talk peace with the Taliban.  America is leaving, as you demanded, and we're taking our big stick with us.  Continuing to spill American blood and spend American treasure with no intent to completely decimate the enemy is futile, and foolish.  As my dad used to say, "either lead, follow or get out of the way.  But for God's sake, do something!!!
God Help Us
The Watchman

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