Sunday, November 4, 2012


Revenge Mr. President!  You really are taking cues from Valerie Jarrett, aren't you???

Dateline:  Friday, November 2, 2010
Location:  Springfield, Ohio
  Before a crowd of supporters, Barack Obama mentioned Mitt Romney's name.  The crowd booed and booed.  Obama said "No don't boo, vote"!  Nothing wrong with that statement, is there?  Well, Obama went on to say that "voting is the best revenge."  
  It only took a split second for the word "revenge" to stick out like a sore thumb, at least in my mind.  Just what is it that Barack Obama needs to exact revenge on Mitt Romney for?  The other day I wrote a Blog regarding Obama's number one hench-woman, Valerie Jarrett, and her threats against anyone who opposes this administration.  She didn't use the word "revenge", however she did allude to the fact they they (the Obama administration) would not forget those who worked against their plan.  This is a metamorphosis in campaign terminology the likes of, I've never seen.  I wonder when "hope and change" morphed into "threats and revenge".  I'm thinking about the same time that "uniting the country" became "dividing the country" and when Obama's promise of "transparency" took on the cloak of "darkness" and "clandestine" deception.  I never had a doubt about Obama's integrity or honesty, because in my opinion, Obama never had those admirable traits.  
  I heard Obama the other day speaking about the integrity of the United States, that it's not the American way to leave any man behind.  I think he had the gall to make that statement a couple of weeks after the shameful performance of his office during the Benghazi incident.  I shouldn't need to remind the "Coward In Chief" that his administration in fact left numerous of people behind, four of them fought gallantly against numerically superior forces, for 7 hours till their deaths, while this administration watched in real time, denied numerous pleas for help, and instead ordered reinforcements "to stand down".  You were correct about one thing Mr. President, Americans don't leave anyone behind. It was you and your administration who did in fact leave Americans to parish at the hands of your friends, the savage Islamists.  Barack Obama, you have no courage, you possess no honesty, and on top of it all, you have no shame.  
  Barack Obama has lived up to my expectations in an exemplary manner.  For a man who refuses to tell the truth about anything, for a man who never ever accomplished anything on his own, a man whose entire resume' stinks to high heaven.  A man who wears a wedding ring that signifies in Arabic "There Is No God But Allah", yes sir my expectations of who you are, what you are and what your intentions are, have certainly come to fruition.  I just pray that those you managed to blind in 2008 will remove the blindfold in 2012.  What can be expected of a president who never served in the military, because he hated America?  What can you expect from a man who employs the wife of a draft-dodging coward and womanizer as Secretary of State, who also makes no bones about being a, as she put it "a modern day progressive".  For those of you who don't know, the terminology, "Progressive" is what the American Communist Party from the 50's and 60's changed their name to, as "Communist" didn't set well with the WWII generation.  Just another exercise in deception.
  Out here in the real world Barack, there are those who will resist you and your agenda.  If you should for some ungodly reason attain re-election and attempt to make good on Jarrett's threats and your threat of revenge.  You will be met with resistance beyond your wildest nightmare.  Because, "with God before us, who can be against us?"  Not even you Barack Hussein Obama, not even you.
God Help Us
The Watchman    

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