Wednesday, June 20, 2012


  If you believe Obama's latest illegal amnesty ploy is also illegal, you'd be correct.  If you think that anyone in congress or in the courts will stop Obama's latest amnesty ploy, I think you are sadly mistaken.  Once this amnesty is given, it cannot be rescinded without starting a race war, the likes of which this country has never seen.  Here's another revelation, Obama is well aware of what he just did.  If you think it was another err in judgement, then you're still pretty naive, and you may not want to read any further.
  This latest Obama maneuver is just one more attack on the American financial system.  You see, prior to making any political or social decisions, Obama consults with three of his favorite mentors.  I have no doubt that tucked in a bottom drawer in the Oval Office desk, are copies of Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals", and the "Anti-Capitalist Bible" co-authored by Cloward and Piven, both of whom were avid students of Saul Alinsky.  F.Y.I. as a refresher:  Saul Alinsky was a Communist Socialist who literally wrote the book (no pun intended) on how to radically bring a democratic republic down far enough, that the people would actually beg for more Socialism.  Cloward and Piven were a husband and wife radical team from the 1960's.  They were avid readers of Alinsky and wrote their own papers describing how to bring America to collapse under it's own entitlement weight.  Followers of Saul Alinsky and Cloward & Piven are none other than Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Bill Ayers and our one and only Presidential Socialist, the infamous Destroyer-in-Chief, Barack Hussein Obama.  If you wish to browse through some of Cloward and Piven, just put "Google" to work.  You'll find enough information to choke a horse, and perhaps collapse the Capitalist United States of America.  I would encourage you to read Saul Alinsky also.  After you peruse these people's bios and their writings, much of what Barack Obama is doing to this country will make much more sense to you.  It will also make you sick to your stomachs, because many folks in congress are well aware of Alinsky, and Cloward & Piven, yet they will do nothing to stop the destruction of the American standard of living.  The Reader's Digest version of the Cloward and Piven scheme is this.  America will not willingly submit to Communism or Socialism.  The plan therefore must be so overwhelming that all citizens will beg for Socialism.  The first thing Obama has to do is, find ways to get millions of Americans onto the entitlement welfare rolls, i.e., "Welfare", "WICK Assistance", "Social Security", "Unemployment", "Project HUD Housing", and of course "Free Government Health Care".  The secret to collapsing the Capitalist System is to overload the system.  Get people used to receiving government handouts, or as Benjamin Franklin put it:  "Make the people comfortable in their poverty."   (It wouldn't surprise me if Alinsky, Cloward and Piven didn't get some of their radical ideas directly from that Ben Franklin quote.)  Once the system has reached unsustainable levels, then it's time to pull the rug right out from under those useful idiots, and cut off all entitlement benefits.  Certainly, riots will ensue, and of course the chaos, which always brings about a clamour for change.  Cries for a savior, someone who will bring back order, and quell the uncertainty and violence, and Voila, Communism/Socialism happens.  
  So, you see why Obama has in essence given amnesty to some 800,000 young illegals, (I guess Obama wants us all to refer to them as "Dreamers".)  Well, lets analyse this 800,000 "Dreamers".  Does the Obama really expect that all American citizens will buy the load of malarkey?  Let's keep in mind, those 800,000 Dreamers have parents, so when America stops deporting the youngsters, wouldn't you think it dastardly that DHS and the Border Patrol would deport their parents?  Then, what about the illegals who are at this very moment making a beeline directly to America.  Guess what, everyone of them will claim that they were brought to America by their parents, without their knowledge across the border.  The snowball effect of Obama's little "Dreamer" program is going to devastate the American economy.  There are no jobs for these illegal dreamers, there aren't even enough jobs for the million or so American citizens who are out of work.  What is this country going to look like after we add two or three million more people to the welfare rolls?  We aren't going to like it, and it won't be pretty, but to Obama and those Socialists of his ilk, they're going to be loving it.
  There are those optimists out there that are saying, "well just wait till Romney gets in there, and when we have conservative majorities in both houses, then things will change.  I'm here to tell you, don't count on it!  Don't count on Obama giving up the power seat before he's done with his agenda.  Don't count on a free and fair election in 2012.  Don't count on America's borders being secured, no, not ever.  We, actually the entire world's population is being manipulated into an "open borders" society, a One World Order, and we're all going to end up "Global Citizens", not American citizens as we are now.  You can call what's happening anything you want, Communism, Socialism, Globalism, Marxism.  It's not any of those things, and it's all of those things.  It's multi-culturalism, moral relativism, and moral decay.  Many Americans will not understand what's happening, many will deny that it's happening, and many will just continue to hide from the truth and hope that when they finally raise their heads, it will all go away.  My friends, this is not an episode of Mission Impossible we are living in.  We aren't all going to be able to crawl out the top trap door of a 40 foot semi-trailer and step back into the normal real world.  This is tough, but this is the new reality we are living in.
  It's time for a couple of reality questions:  Do any of us actually believe that the United States of America, with its military might sufficient enough to fight a war in the Pacific, and war in Europe at the same time, isn't capable of shutting down the border between us and Mexico?  Do any of us really believe that if the powers that be wanted to shut down the U.S.-Mexico border any time in that 40 years they couldn't find a way to do it?  The answer to both of those questions, is "I didn't think so!"  Can any of us think of any justification for allowing the Muslim Brotherhood to advise America's law enforcement on combating terrorism?  Does anyone really know where all the Muslims are coming from that are filling all the Mosques, Madrases and Islamic Centers in America?  Can anyone justify why so many Americans embrace and welcome Islam when they know full well that Islam has declared war on all Christians, Jews and even Gays?  Can anyone tell me why this so-called most transparent administration is able to shove legislation down the throats of the American people, and when they can't legislate it, the President simply creates and Executive Order that usurps the power of the people and does what he wants to, regardless of Constitutional correctness?  
  When one looks closely at Obama's latest version of the "Dream Act", it may be a dream for Obama, but it will result in a very costly nightmare for the rest of America.  Obama doesn't call it "Amnesty" and neither does Janet Napolitano, but it is, believe me it is.  Even if the White House changes hands and both houses of congress become conservative, there will be no reneging on this Obama Dreamer Plan, and Obama knows it.  Just one final question to ponder:  When a thief enters your home uninvited, and steals your big screen TV, your computers, your money, are we not refer to that thief as a dreamer?   Illegals, regardless of whether they are from Mexico, South America or the Middle East, are still illegal, and they are in fact criminal violaters of America immigration and border laws.   
God Help Us
The Watchman  

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