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  The American people never cease to amaze me.  Have we become so tolerant, and so accepting of political correctness that we have forgotten who our enemies are?  In the year prior to the Muslim attack on the World Trade Center, there were approximately 1,209 Mosques in America.  (That year by the way was 2001).  As of 2010 the number of Mosques in America has increased by a whopping 74% to 2,106.  Since that time, the number of Mosques in the United States has continued to increase substantially.  Even more surprising, at least to me, are the cities where Islam has been embraced and are flourishing beyond Muhammad's wildest dreams.  In 2010, the number on Mosques in New York (of all places) is 257, in California there were 246 and Texas a close 3rd with a mere 166 Mosques. 
  The biggest question I ask myself is why the slobbering embrace of a culture that threatens and carries out destruction wherever it goes.  Do Americans have some kind of penchant for archaic barbarism?  Or is it the fact that many Americans are absolutely frightened out of their wits?  Is it because Americans have lost their will to fight against evil?  I believe that there are many excuses Americans will use for embracing the enemy, but the number one reason in my mind is that Americans no longer have God in the forefront of their culture.  Loss of the knowledge between good and evil, and the courage to stop evil in America, is also lost.  God, Christianity, integrity, honesty, valor, and competition have been systematically erased from the American culture.  What is left, is the hollow shell of what was once a great, unique and strong nation.  Our children are being taught that there are no losers in life, and that they are all winners, because they try.  This is a very dangerous curriculum.  Children in America can no longer be reprimanded as it may hurt their feelings.  Children in America are taught that by simply loving your enemies, that they will leave them alone.  This is not reality, not by a long shot. 
  In a wonderful, peaceful Utopian society as the Progressives are trying to build, with everyone happy with being led around by the nose and supported by government, sounds good, but it will be very disappointing.  There can be no peace without the courage to fight for it.  There is no freedom and no liberty in Socialism, Marxism, Communism, or Islam.  "Those who pound their weapons into plowshares, will plow for those who do not."  That my friends is reality!
  At a time when Islam is the most protected religion(?) in the world, and when Christianity and Judaism are becoming the most persecuted, where are those media outlets and those human rights organizations?  Why are there no human rights people coming to the defense of Christians being mass murdered by Muslims all around the world every day?  Where, where is the ACLU, and the women's rights organizations.  America is slowly becoming the most pacifistic country on the planet.  Islam is the epitome of barbaric laws, the largest perpetrator of violence against women.  Islam is the most intolerant of all cultures in the world.  Yet, Americans seem to be embracing Islam.  Islam, Islamic Sharia are the total antitheses of everything that America was founded on, and fought for.  Yet, Islam is embraced here, why?  What is it about Islam that Americans feel attracted to? 
  Here's a theory:  Could it be that Islam appeals to Americans, because so many Americans are lost?  Could it be that Islam is strong and determined in their beliefs and their structure?  For many years, the Christian religion offered unwavering righteousness, and morality.  Christianity was a leader in both the people's private and public lives.  Has Christianity become so passive and un-influential in the lives of people, and the public, that they are turning to the strength in an evil belief structure, out of desparation?
It is a well known fact, that the general population of any culture needs strong leaders.  The American culture has, in a way been neutered.  Think about it, the parents in America have little or no control over their children.  What society has done is remove the parent's ability to guide and lead and discipline according to Biblical instructions.  Our society in it's quest for passive behavior, has resulted in lack of strength and leadership.  The American society has been so passive, so permissive, that there is very little room for personal initiative.  Children are being taught that society owes them a living, that they have equal rights to whatever everyone else has, and they shouldn't have to earn anything.  Christianity was once the mainstay of original American culture.  But Christianity has become soft, tolerant, indifferent and it has lost it's positive influence on Americans and especially America's youth.  Bible teachings have become so watered down that there is very little for anyone to grasp hold of.  When people need a strong hand to lead them, they can't grab hold of a hand full of water.  Many Christian churches no longer teach the truth of the Bible.  The result of that is weakness.  The people perceive Christianity as weak, because Christians will not stand together united in our beliefs.  Christians have compromised their leadership into non-existence.  In my opinion, Islam appeals to Americans, because it stands up for what it believes in.  Regardless of how, violent, ruthless, barbaric and backwards Islam is, it represents strength to the lost.  Most Christian churches do not offer a firm hand and strong beliefs anymore.  Christian organizations whether they be Catholic or Protestant, are offering diluted and luke-warm theology, without substance.  
  Lost people will gravitate to perceived strength, regardless of whether it is evil or not.  Germans were easily led by Hitler, because they were lost and desperate.  Russians followed Marx, Stalin, Lenin because they were lost, and Communism offered strength.  Here in America, the Christian churches were always the center of the community.  People gathered at churches during crisis', because they found strength there.  The question is, can people still find strength in their church?  Or, will they find a church that is willing to compromise their belief in order to produce numbers of luke warm Christians?  
  Islam is not the answer, and Islam needs to be fought at every turn.  If Christians will not stand for Jesus, they will fall!
An American Indian chief one said of the government representative, that was sent from Washington to negotiate a treaty with the Sioux.  After having had numerous treaties broken by the president, Sitting Bull said:  "There is no iron in the president's words."  A lesson to be learned, if Christianity is to triumph over the evils of Islam.  Christian churches need to offer the people "words that contain iron."  Think about it.
God Help Us
The Watchman    

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