Monday, April 30, 2012


    Pictured above are some of the many wind turbines in operation on the Cimarron plain near Dodge City, Kansas.  These are just a couple of the wind farms either in operation, or being constructed all the across the nation.  Each one of the newest wind turbines can generate 2.5 mega watts of power.   The combined power generated by the 400 planned wind towers is essentially enough power to supply electrical energy to 400,000 homes.   I not only find that amazing, but I also say great!!!  There is of course only one problem, as you know there is no way to store the huge amounts of electricity produced by wind, solar or even hydro-power for that matter. 
  It doesn't surprise me that the same environmentalists that claim there is global warming, that by their "questionable" at best science, this quest for renewable energy began.  Wind and Solar technology companies have boomed, however the solar industry is lagging, and it's doubtful that any serious amount of solar energy will ever be produced, either efficiently, or abundantly.  Wind power on the other hand is actually making great strides in the power generating field.  I don't think the environmental folks really expected that to happen.  As soon as they realized that wind power was actually creating electrical power, it was time for them to shut this whole thing down.  It's what they do.  Ask any serious environmentalist what's the best way to save the planet, and they'll answer control the population, even if people's lives need be extinguished to accomplish a sustainable population level.  Once wind power actually caught on, as a potential solution to, at least a "minute" amount of fossil fuel usage.  In the mind of the left, "something had to be done!"  The demand to reduce population had to be put on hold, at least temporarily.  The environmental researchers have already tried a number of ways to shut down the wind power operations.  One of the best know attempted attacks on the wind farms was "hey, you guys, birds are dying after flying into those blades that move at about 4 miles an hour!"  When I lived in the Pacific Northwest, I had a relatively large barn.  In the barn were several nests of barn swallows (birds).  Those swallows, I noticed could fly full speed and slip through a 1 foot wide opening I had left them.  Out of curiosity, I closed the door even more, to leave an opening of about 6 inches.  Those swallows never even blinked an eye, they just kept flying in an out all day long at full speed, and not even one flew into the side of the barn or the barn door.  My point is this, if a bird was actually flying slow enough to get hit by, or fly into a prop that size, moving that slow, then perhaps it was time for the bird to die anyway.  Needless to say, wind turbines are not going to cause the birds of the earth to go extinct.  I don't have to tell you that the "bird death thing" didn't get very far, and it has since died down.  For the environmentalists, it was back to the old drawing board.  A viable attack plan must be made before this wind power thing really gets going.  They had to come up with something that could not be proven, or disproved, sort of like the global warming scam that started all this energy chaos, (hmmm, chaos) where have we heard that word before?  Oh yeah, that's exactly what Obama and his ilk need to bring about the New One World Order.  Wait, I digress.  Sorry!  The plan that the "far left loony" "save the planet people" have devised, is as diabolical and as anything Obama could have come up with.  Are you ready?  Here it comes.  According to Liming Zhou, associate at the State University of New York, (where else, it's always New York or California).  The wind farms (I can barely get this out, without laughing uncontrollably) are actually warming the earth.  That's right, the wind farms, the number one potentially viable renewable energy source is being accused, in essence, of contributing guessed it, global warming
  Here are a few statistics for you to ponder on:
The Cimarron Wind Project in Kansas, has a $262.8 million dollar price tag.  That's right, $262.8 million dollars of tax-payer money invested in another project that the environmentalists insisted we had to have in order to save the planet from global warming, is now causing global warmingThere are literally hundreds more of the wind farms under construction all around the world, you do the math. This professor, or whatever he claims to be, thinks we should have looked closer at the unintended consequences of building wind farms across the nation.  He is not without a suggestion though.  He suggests that the turbines be smaller in stature with smaller redesigned blades.  Never mind that companies like Siemens and GE and a few others, have untold billions of dollars in the research and development of these turbines, the design of the props, the 2.5 mega-watt producing wind towers capable of generating electricity from a mere 4 mile per hour breeze.  
  If there is anyone out there who cannot connect the dots on this thing, allow me to help you.  Dot number one is George Soros....Barack Obama....Chaos.....Solar debacle....Wind Power....Oh no, it's working environmentalists....George Soros....Barack Obama....Investigate and shut down the wind power operations until a study can be made.  NO Alternative energy, no oil, no coal, no solar, no more dams, no more Nuclear, and no more wind.  There is no unintended consequence here, only intentional consequences, caused by those who would destroy America.  It's all part of Obama's fundamental transformation of America.  How do you like it so far?  $4.00 a gal. gasoline, 25% increase in food and other retail goods.  How long can we continue to do this?  Your guess is as good as mine.
  There are no environmentalists, there is no environmental movement, it's fake, it's fictitious, it is the conspiratorial scheme that's helping to bring down the most powerful country in the world, from the inside out.  
  I, for one am a naturalist of sorts, I love clean air and clean water, I love the mountains the tall firs and the animals of this earth.  I am for anything we can do to clean up the earth.  However, my first priority are the people that God put on this earth.  God created a planet, an entire universe that takes care of itself, it has for untold centuries.  So-called environmentalists are destroyers of the people, nothing more, and they must be stopped.  
God Help Us
The Watchman

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