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  Depending upon one's scientific or religious preference, lets just say that men and women have inhabited this earth for an excess of 6,000 years.  During that 6,000 years man and woman have lived, loved, worked and procreated.  Husband and Wife, one man, one women.  This aspect of humanity is not new, certainly not rare nor has it changed since the beginning of time, or at least as far back as I have been able to research.  In the spiritual sense, Christians believe that God created man (Adam) in his own image, and not long after, with the use of one of Adam's ribs, God created woman (Eve).  This is one of those mysteries that Atheists really have a time with.  After all, how can one explain in scientific terms why men have one less rib than women do?  Even with the continuing miraculous strides in medicine, there is still no concrete scientific evidence to show that there is a reason for women's additional rib.  The Bible explains it though, doesn't it?  It sure does!  One need only read the book of Genesis to find the answer.  God created the universe and all the other universes, the stars, the oceans, the fish and fowl, and the beasts.  Suffice to say, God also created man and woman, and He created woman for man. 
  Where am I going with this restudy of the creation of the world?  Well, I'm trying to find out either biblically or scientifically where and perhaps when abnormality happened.  Where in biblical history did God create homosexuals?  Did he even create homosexuals at all, or are they simply the result of man's disobedience of God?  It is virtually impossible to find in history where homosexuality first began, but we do know that men laying with men, and women laying with women was one the many sinful reasons God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.  Prior to some of my significant research, I had assumed that with the total destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, so would the homosexuals be also wiped from the face of the earth.  The conclusion for me, is that although the Lord completely destroyed those two offensive cities, He did not wipe sin from the earth.  Had the Lord wiped away all sin, then man would no longer have free will, and subsequently, Jesus would not have had to die on the cross in order to afford all men an opportunity to accept the gift of salvation attained by His sacrifice.  So here I come back to God created Adam (man) and Eve (woman), gave them free will and they sinned against their Creator.  After Adam and Eve were banished from Eden, they procreated, had children as it were.  All civilization stemmed from these first two ever human beings.  The key word here is "TWO".  One man, one woman.  Sorry, I'm digressing, aren't I? 
  Somewhere, early on, during the natural scheme of things, and prior the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, mankind  had obviously turned from God, sin was rampant upon the earth, so God chose Noah and his family to be saved when God destroyed the surface of the earth with a great flood.  The waters receded, and through Noah and his family the population began once again.  So it was Noah (man) his wife (woman), their sons (men) and their wives (women).  No where in there did I discover even one homosexual.  It would be well to mention also, that in God's infinite wisdom, the animals that were saved from the flood, were gathered in pairs and released in pairs, one male and one female.  Nowhere, either in natural science or in Bible scripture have I found any mention of any animal where males lay with males and females with females.  So why again, in this day and age are there a seemingly large number of self-professed homosexuals?  The bigger question in my mind is why now are we having this plague of transsexuals, and bisexuals and trans-gender-sexuals?  Where did they come from, and why is it so important that heterosexuals be forced to accept and condone what is obviously the result of man's sin against God?  Plain and simple, God created man and woman, that's where He stopped.  Everything else is of man and not of God.
  Okay, now to the point.  We have reached a time in our world when the sins of man have culminated into the making of a world wide replica of Sodom and Gomorrah.  It appears that even though there is a minute quantity of sexual deviates (and I say that in a most respectful way) in this world, they are so successful in dictating the to the heterosexual majority, how we all must live, what we all must accept, and what we all must teach to our children.  For some odd reason, the majority are being forced into condoning homosexuality as a viable alternative lifestyle and in turn impressing that deviant discourse on our young children.  What's more, we are being commanded through civil authority that teaching and learning about homosexuality is mandatory, and by whose authority?  Certainly not God's!  The population that consists of well over 90% heterosexual humans is having to adjust our NORMAL lifestyle in order to appease the few abnormal homosexuals, who for some reason feel they deserve special treatment.  Through the misguided efforts of those politically correct members of authority, from CEOs all the way to the Congress and President of the United States, a homosexual narcissistic misconception has been fomented, and they assume they are entitled to be treated special.  That my friends is the trap we are all now stuck in!
  Recently in the news there have been cases where the "Transgendered" males of our society, (if in fact there really is such a thing), think they have a right to use ladies dressing rooms and ladies restrooms in public establishments.  There has even been an employee of Macy's department store who was fired because she denied an obviously transgendered man from entering the ladies dressing room.  Unfortunately this same thing is occurring across the nation, and even here in my home state of Tennessee.  It has gotten so bad that a Tennessee State legislator attempted to introduce a bill that would restrict the entrance of transgendered people from accessing dressing and rest rooms of the opposite biological sex.  The entire homosexual world is all abuzz about this bill, and the man who was introducing it.  In one article, a homosexual had the gall to compare the entrance of a transgendered man into a ladies restroom to an occasion when a mother might need to take her toddler son into a ladies facility for bathroom purposes.  This is by far the most ridiculous and ludicrous comparison I've ever heard.  In fact, there is no comparison.  Allow me to pose this question:  If your 12 or 13 year old daughter was using a public restroom facility, and while you waited outside, you saw a man walk into the ladies room, wouldn't that be just a little bit disturbing?  My answer would be this, I refuse to allow a man use the lady's restroom while my young daughter was in there!!!   I would, and will refuse to accept that, to the tune that I'm sure violence would erupt.
  Here's the crux of my blog article today:  If you are a person sporting a full male package, you are a male. I personally would not tolerate you in a restroom with my young daughter or grand daughter.  I do not care that you've always felt like you are a woman.  If you are biologically hauling around man tools, you have no business in a women's washroom, unless it's empty, and you're the custodian.
  I applaud Tennessee State Representative Richard Floyd for his tenacity and for standing up for morality regardless of the America's new found liberal disgusting, politically correct sinful nature, and the current laws that support the degradation of a once upright nation.  I am ashamed of any State representative that isn't backing Rep. Floyd to the hilt.  Anyone in a lawmaking capacity that ignores this forced tolerance of all that is immoral, should not assume that being reelected is a shoe in.  I will personally follow this legislation and those who turn a blind eye to the moral degradation of this state, will be subject to my personal attempt to block any chance for election or re-election to State office. 
  It is deplorable that men and women in authority positions in business, government and in education, have determined that all of the moral population should not only give up our morality, but teach our children that immorality and sinning against nature and all this is in fact natural, is now a moral concept.  I view politicians, clergy, educators and business people who condone and encourage this deviant and unatural behavior, to be as repugnant as the sin itself.  Christians have a moral and spiritual obligation to halt this new moral relativism wherever possible, whether it be in a child's classroom, or in local, state and federal government offices.  Vet your candidates, your teachers and your school board representatives.  Run for a seat on the school board if need be.  The promoting of this sinful behavior as normal, must stop.  The preservation of America and all it ever stood for, is at stake, right here, right now!
God Help Us
The Watchman

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