Tuesday, September 13, 2011


While America and the rest of the Civilized World mourn the loss of innocent lives on the 10th Anniversary of 9/11, the Nation of Islam Celebrates and touts their Victory against the United States.
  American cities and towns, lift your eyes from the sand and see what Islam will be bringing to your neighborhood.  Watch the embedded video taken in the United Kingdom on 9/11/2011.  While watching it, remember that England welcomed these peaceful, moderate Muslims with open arms.  Do you think that the Brits are having second thoughts?  Oh yes, I think they are!!!
  Let's just run a few numbers here, shall we?  According to the FBI, (and that doesn't mean Fat, Bald and Ignorant), a minimum of 10% of the Mosques in America teach and preach "jihad".  Now let's see, how many Mosques are in the U.S.?  At last count, in 2010 there were some 6,000 Mosques in America.  So, 10% or 600 of those Mosques preach and teach jihad.  Well, how many Muslims could there possibly be in America?  At last count, there are approx. 2.6 million as of 2010, by 2030 that number is expected to be approx. 6.2 million.  So, what do these numbers tell us?  They tell me this:  10% of Muslims in America are being indoctrinated with hate for America, Jews, Christians, Gays and any and all other Infidels the Muslims deem non-believers.  10% of 2.6 million gives us what?  260,000 hate indoctrinated Muslims within our American borders.  I don't know about you people, but in my book, that is one formidable force of evil.  According to my calculations, and from past observation, Americans will not be able to count on the un-indoctrinated Muslims to take a stand against their own, as that is forbidden in the Qur'an.  According to the Islamic law, it is okay to kill Infidels as they are not really human beings anyway, Infidels are looked upon as only swine and apes.  It is against the Islamic law to kill another Muslim however.  Although, if you look to the Middle East, Muslims really are not paying much attention to their own law, as they are constantly murdering their own kind.  Don't get your hopes up America, they will not be killing their own kind in America, they will in fact band together to rid America and the West of all those who are not followers of Allah, and that includes all you folks who are supporting the Muslim expansion in this hemisphere.  Here's a little tid-bit worth a ponder, from an article in USA Today, "by the year 2030 over 1/4 of the entire world's population will be Muslim". 
  To shed a little light on my local area, in Murfreesboro, Tennessee their is a Muslim population of approx. 200.  That makes me ask the question why are they building a 15,000 square foot Mosque and meeting center?  Don't know?  Let me enlighten you, that population number of 200 is actually erroneous, because once the Mosque and worship center is completed, Muslims will be coming to Murfreesboro by the hundreds.  Where will they come from you ask?  Well, here's a hint:  There are approx. 10 - 15,000 Muslims in Memphis, Tennessee and I'm sure moving a couple hundred miles to Murfreesboro will be no problem.  (After all, in America, these Muslims aren't moving by camel and caravan).
  Many folks are too young to remember the 50's, 60's and even the 1970s.  But here is a short refresher:  In the '50s and '60s there were individual real estate investors who came to be known as "blockbusters".  ("Blockbuster" wasn't just a hit movie.)  These "blockbusters" would go into predominantly White neighborhoods and purchase three or four homes at prices so inflated that the White family would be an idiot to refuse.  Some of the offers made to White families for their homes were at 3 to 4 times the homes actual value.  (An offer to good to refuse.)  The next step, would be to sell those newly acquired homes to minority families, mostly it was the Black families that were placed into the White neighborhoods.  Because of the rampant discrimination in those days, the White families remaining were scrambling to sell their homes, even at lower than fair market value, just so they didn't have to live next door to a Black family, and of course no self respecting White family wanted to be the last on the block.  So you see, the White's own racist discrimination was used against them, and soon many blocks would become all Black, and then soon after, the entire neighborhood would be considered a Black neighborhood.  As pathetic as it may sound, the theory that White people placed more value on their property than their own integrity worked like a charm.  If no White family ever sold, the "Blockbuster" would have had to move on to another neighborhood.  It was the greed of the first four families, and the racism in those that remained that ultimately changed the color of the neighborhood.  
   Muslims, have put a new spin on the "Blockbuster" idea.  Because Islam has become the most protected religion (and I use the term "religion" loosely), and because Muslims have perfected the "I am a victim of Islamophobia" tactic, they are able to pretty much demand anything from the neighborhoods in which they place their Mosques.  After all, in the new pollitically correct America, no one wants to be branded racist.  You see, Muslims are always the sweetest little victims of racism you'll ever meet, that is until they manage to get a foothold in your community.  Once they have increased their population to 10 -15% of the neighborhood, the demands from the Imams of the Mosques will begin inundating city hall and the local courts.  They will demand that there is special treatment of Muslim students in the public school system, prayer time, separate classrooms for boys and girls, etc., etc.  If they don't get what they want, they will run Muslims for local office, first the police department chiefs, then city council, then even the mayor's office.  Understand that Muslims know that Americans are very lax when it comes to voting.  So while Americans, Christians and Jews are so preoccupied with themselves, bending over backwards to be good neighbors, every Muslim in the community will vote.  They will gain seats in all aspects of local government.  By the time the Muslim population reaches 25-30%, they will be able to make living in that neighborhood so uncomfortable for American Infidels, that they will relinquish the entire town if necessary to Muslim control.  So, there you have it, short, sweet and simple.  The Muslims don't call it "Blockbusting", they refer to it as "Silent Jihad".  I call it "Divide and Conquer", because in my mind, that's exactly what the Muslims in America are doing.  They can pull this tactic off in America, because America is full of die-hard bleeding heart Liberals who will never be convinced that their neighborhood nice guy Muslim would ever cut the heads off of Infidel children, and they will hold to that ideal, at least until it happens to someone they love.  By then of course, it will be too late.  Be afraid!!!
  Since 9/11, 2001, America has been in an undeclared war against Islam, deny it if you want too, but that won't make Islam give up their quest for world domination.  Islam has declared war against the civilized world for as long as history can recall.  That declaration has not changed.  Islam's tactics are changing a little though.  Since 9/11, there have been no huge devasting attacks, but now there is "Silent Jihad".  There will surely be forthcoming acts of terrorism though, Islam needs to keep that fear factor in the memory of all who would oppose them.  Christian churches are afraid to speak against Islam for fear of terror reprisal.  State, Local and Federal Agencies refuse to oppose Islam for the same reasons.  Make no mistake, we a in a holy war, a multi-cultural war and a war with moral-relativism, and we're fighting them all at the same time.  At this point, and since 9/11, we have been losing these wars, on all three fronts.  
  If there are any doubts as to the validity of my accusations regarding Muslim takeover of towns in America, I encourage you to Google "Deerfield, Michigan/Deerborn, Michigan Muslim".  What you find, will bear me out.  I urge you all to click on the video link, watch it in it's entirety.  Pay heed to the video's obvious and ominous warning.  As these Muslims in the UK are revolting, so shall they do in the U.S..  Small towns and large cities will not escape the violence or the "Silent Jihad" of the Islam that America has welcomed into our midst.  I encourage everyone re-read the story of the Trojan Horse.  The enemy is within the gates America, wake up!!!  Throughout history, Islam is well known for biting off the hand that fed them.  
God Help Us.
Another warning from,
The Watchman 

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