Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Look close, you can see AFL-CIO
Do you see any similarity in these three symbols?
I sure do, scary isn't it?

The symbol on the top is the symbol of the American Labor  Party.  The symbol in the middle, is that of the American Communist Party. The bottom symbol is American and World Environmentalist Organization. 
  I am deeply concerned that the Communist Party, the Union Labor in America, and the Environmentalists all share the same symbolism.  This should give reason for pause to all citizens who enjoy their freedom here in America and around the globe.
  The country of Spain is imploding on itself.  The main reason, global warming and green jobs.  That's correct, green jobs, green energy, green everything, and now Spain is just green around the gills.  The Communists have done everything they can to seize the Spanish main, and now with 25-30% unemployment, the necessary cutting of social programs, well the entitled people of Spain are revolting against their government.  Think it can't happen anywhere else?  May I suggest you Google Greece, see what pops up.  Better yet, I bet you think there will never be a collapse of America's economy, well think again.
  Our nation's economy runs on oil, and gasoline and electric energy.  Oil companies have located some of the worlds largest oil deposits in south Texas, can we drill and extract it?  No, no, no,not so fast.  Environmentalists have discovered a lizard that no one else has ever seen in the area near the where the drilling must take place.  In order to protect this close to invisible lizard, an environmental impact report on the area must be completed.  To make sure there is no oil extraction, environmentalists (Communists) are attempting to get the lizard on the endangered species list.  Okay, in the Pacific Northwest there was the Spotted Owl, in California there was the Delta Smelt, and now,in Texas there is the elusive Sage Lizard.  Literally hundreds of thousands of jobs have been permanently eliminated thanks to the Communist environmental causes that I mentioned above.  Here's the topper, America, because we can't drill for oil either offshore or onshore, because we can't burn or mine for coal, because there is this false science of global warming we are burning our food for fuel.  Does corn-ethanol ring a bell???  Soon, corn-ethanol will be used so much, that grain will no longer be an affordable commodity for animal feed, cereal, or cooking oil.  What does America do then, when there is no food on the shelves at the local grocery store?  When the cost of clothing and other synthetic textiles goes through the roof?  Many people don't have any idea what synthetic textiles are, well let me enlighten you.  Synthetics are nylon and rayon and a host of other similar plastics that are all derived from, you guessed it, petroleum (oil).  No plastics, hmmm, no surgical tubing, no plastic hoses for respirators, no plastic syringes.  No food, no heat in winter, no cool air conditioning in summer.  
  Someone needs to tell these environmental organizations that it's time to put the human being on the endangered species list.
  Just a few things to think about from "The Watchman"
God Help Us  

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