Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I am a Christian, and I firmly believe that this wonderful world was created by God, the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End.
But if one was to argue in favor of evolution, the theory that all mankind descended from monkeys, then the picture above right, might just help in bearing out that theory, for sure.

All kidding aside, the theory of evolution is just that, a theory. Having done some extensive research on this topic, I've come to my own conclusion, and that is, "evolution has no beginning, and also, what happened, did we just cease to evolving"? I mean if evolution was credible, then wouldn't mankind (humans) be evolving into something a bit more superior by now? And not only that, but if mankind evolved from apes (monkeys), then why are there still monkeys? Evolution is one of those scientific phenomenon that should be a continuous line of constant improvement in all species on earth, but I fail to see any changes occurring. Perhaps we just haven't given man enough time to evolve even more. So, let's see, no one can actually place a date on when evolution began, according to science, time began some 15 billion years ago, although, like evolution there is no way to prove it. Actually, there is no way to prove that evolution in itself, is remotely correct. Someone once said to me that evolution happens every day, "look at the butterfly" he said. So I looked at the butterfly, and I see no sign of evolution regarding the butterfly, I do see metamorphosis however. Unfortunately, metamorphosis and evolution are two completely different things. If the butterfly morphs from a cocoon and larvae and into a butterfly again, that's a miracle in itself, but it's not evolution. In order for the butterfly metamorphosis to be evolution, then by now the butterfly should have evolved into something besides a butterfly. Perhaps by now the butterfly would have evolved into something that flies, but has wings made of something like human skin, something stronger than the beautiful, yet fragile wings it has, had, and always will have. The butterfly has, since the beginning morphed into a butterfly. Monkeys, are still monkeys, apes are still apes. I know that for many who believe in the evolution of man, but the sad news is, man is still man. From the time God created Adam, and Eve, man is still man. Yes some of us have different hair and eyes, and skin color, but from conception in the mothers womb, human beings are what and how we begin, and how, and as what we will end. God created it that way.
The theory of evolution is being taught in our schools as the only accepted science, well, once again science is not exact, never has been and never will be. If evolution must be taught in school, it should be taught as a theory, and nothing more. Remember, even Einstein's theory of relativity, is still Einstein's theory. Perhaps as science progresses, Einstein's theory will be proven, at which time it will no longer be considered a "theory". Until then, and until evolutionists can establish enough facts proving evolution is accurate, it will continue to be just a "theory". And, that's how it should be.
God Help Us
"The Watchman"

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  1. Nice analysis. Any intelligent thinking man can reason through, as you have done, and see that the theory of evolution is simply Romans 1 in action: Professing to be wise, they became fools (Rom 1:22).

    Another death knell to evolution is that, man has not "evolved" in the 6,000 years of actual recorded History, anyone who is conversant in Ancient History can see that man was just as intelligent and erudite 4,000 years ago (Book of Job) as He is today--probably moreso. Therefore, the fact that recorded History abruptly stops at 6,000 years, with Adam and Eve, is a clear proof that there is no evolution, Man was created essentially as he is today, by God from the dust of the earth, 6,000 years ago.


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