Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Camel Spider: An arid dessert creature, that hides in the shadows, numbs it's victims with a special venom. The venom deadens the victim so that it doesn't even know the camel spider is gnawing on it's flesh. Attacks it's prey while it sleeps. Most commonly found gnawing on the stomachs of camels lying in the desert. Also found in the desert southwest United States, and Mexico.

I was reading about the Camel Spider, and the more I read, the more familiar their behavior reminded me of what's happening to our nation. Just reading about camel spiders, is enough to send chills through your entire body. They are very sneaky, very fast, very voracious, and very ferocious when they attack. Camel spiders normally attack while their potential victim is asleep. Doesn't this sound familiar? Are we not asleep? It occurred to me that this is exactly how Islam is feeding on the United States. They quietly hide in the shadows, they profess their peacefulness, using it as the numbing venom, so that the sleeping America doesn't even know it's being gnawed upon. They use the Muslim faith, as their cloak to hide from the sun, until it is time to feed. When they are uncovered they become ferocious, biting and kicking and screaming. They claim to be protected from the light, which is the law, as though they are some type of endangered species. They bite ferociously and scream racial prejudice when they are discovered doing things underhanded, and against innocent sleeping peoples and countries. They use that "my faith forbids" thing, whenever they are to be subjected to scrutiny. The most recent perfect example: The Fatwa that states Muslim passengers are to be exempt from full body scans at the worlds airports, as it is against their beliefs to have their bodies exposed. So, here's how it is going to come down, mark my words: Muslims will be given a pass from the body scan, but your American born 80 year old grandmother will have to be subjected to the humiliation of a full body scan, for the safety of the world. Muslims, will be subjected to a very minor pat down, as it is also against their faith to be touched. The nation of Islam will use their so-called faith to sidestep all security procedures. The planes will continue to be in danger of being blown out of the sky by Muslim radicals who were not required to undergo the full body scan. And our president as diabolical and arrogant as he is, will tell the American people that we are not at war with Islam.
Like the Camel Spider, Islam needs to be crushed. They will not assimilate to any other society, not under any circumstances. Here it is, right from Muhammed's mouth: The Qu'ran, Surah 5 verse 51: O you who believe! Do not take the Jews and Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people. I purposely didn't take any of this verse out of context, I conveyed it to you, as written. Islam will not be assimilated to anyone one. It is their goal to establish Sharia Law, and rule the world. They are deceivers, and it is justified to lie as long the lie results in the glory of Allah. America needs to wake up, and We the People" need to wake our legislators. The stomach of America is being gnawed upon, and our country is sleeping through it. Any good Qu'ran believing Muslim, is a potential terrorist. There is just no other way to put it!

I have no doubt that while writing the Qu'ran, Muhammed was intently observing the eating and attacking behavior of the camel spider. As I read this copy of the Qu'ran, I realize it is not the book of a peaceful religion, but instead, a battle plan for Muslims. A plan to expand Islam to the four corners of the earth. Understand this America, Islam has reached the United States, and we are the fourth corner. We can either choose to squash it like the camel spider, or, one day, after gnawing on us in our sleep long enough, America will awaken to the call to prayer. The end result will be your children and your children's children bowing to Allah.
God help us, and pray for the conversion of Islam

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