Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Christine O'Donnell
Charlie Rangel


I usually don't get involved in individual political races, but these two have given me reason to pause. Trying to understand the thinking of people and politicians which I try to separate at all costs, because politicians are rarely on the same page as the people that vote for them.

In the case of Christine O'Donnell, in her race for Senate in the state of Delaware yesterday, she won the nomination by a 53%-47% margin. Although not a totlal landslide, but certainly a decisive victory. A victory brought about by the people of Delaware, and certainly with the blessings of the Delaware and National Tea Party movement. Christine O'Donnell is being refused support by the National Republican Convention, because they don't think she can defeat her Democrat opponent in November. I'd like to go on record, and say: "Well, she probably could defeat Democrat Chris Coons, if she had the Republican Party support!" Instead, the NRC decided to throw their backing behind Mike Castle a (9) term congressman, (which is already way too long). This is another case of the disconnect between the "people" and the RNC. I don't think the RNC gets it yet. I'm sure, as a Tea Party member and speaker, that one of the main reasons the Delaware Tea Party supported Ms. O'Donnell was because she is a breath of fresh air in Delaware politics, and her supporters believe she will be honestly fresh in Washington, D.C. also. What the RNC doesn't understand, is that the "winning" isn't the important part. It's the character of the candidate, and the candidate's message and goals that are uppermost in the minds of Tea Parties across America. I'm not sure what type of Congressman Mike Castle was, but he obviously didn't impress the people of Delaware, if he had, the people would have voted for him. It never ceases to amaze me, that so many elites think they know what is better for the people, than the people themselves. We get that "you lowly voters don't know what is best for you, so we, the elite are going to tell you what you want and need." Well, with the birth of the Tea Party Movement, I've got news for you elites, that condescending attitude isn't going to cut it anymore. Tea Party people do not vote for candidates just because they can win, but because that candidate is the one we want to win, because that candidate meets the Tea Party standards. In closing on this Delaware commentary; it would be most advantageous for the NRC to come closer in line with the Tea Party Movement. We want good, honest, people with high moral standards representing us in Washington, D.C.. We want "term limits", and you can't get term limits passed, if all you do is keep electing dinosaurs to Congress.

Charlie Rangel, what can be said of Charlie Rangel? Even more frightening, what can be said of the voters in his district, who gave him an overwhelming victory over all five of his opponents? I know, Charlie Rangel's district is Harlem, but some of his opponents are from the Harlem area too, aren't they? Do the people in Harlem not have TV or newspapers? Do they not read or watch, or even listen to radio? Is Charlie Rangel the "Father of Harlem"? Has Charlie Rangle ever really done anything for the people of Harlem? Can you really support Charlie Rangel for Congress? Does a cat really have nine lives? (Now I'm sounding like a GEICO commercial.) After a little research, I found that Charlie Rangel was elected to Congress in 1971, that's 39 years ago, (I used a calculator.) What has Charlie done for Harlem? The answer, not much. In 1990, according to statistics, a 15 year old black girl only had a 65% chance of surviving to age 65. The statistics on males came out like this; a black male of the same age, had only a 37% chance of surviving to age 65. Those stats compare to India (females), and Angola (males). The year Charlie Rangel ascended to Congress, there was a mass exodus from Harlem, from the beginning of the 1970's to the end, the only people left in Harlem were the poor, uneducated and unemployed, the average household income, a whopping below $10,000.00 per year. Harlem had the highest crime rate in the city of New York, and one of the highest in the nation. Mayor Rudi Giuliani helped solve the crime problems in Harlem, even Magic Johnson and Bill Clinton helped, but I found very little mention of Charlie Rangel saving Harlem.
So why do people in Harlem overwhelmingly vote for Charlie over and over again? Well, it could be that Rangel's opponents are even more criminally inclined than he is, and people recognize the lesser of two evils, or he is the crime leader and the people of Harlem respect that. Now that Charlie Rangel is facing a trial for tax fraud and I believe evasion, I think the people of Harlem have really exalted him to Grand Criminal Poobah of Harlem. These reasons alone are the only ones I could find for Charlie Rangel's overwhelming trouncing of his five opponents for the seat in the House of Representatives. Even if one, or a little of both reasons are correct, the patheticness (is that a word?) of the situation remains the same, doesn't it?

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