Monday, March 22, 2010


Today, the day after, to bad you can't take a pill to make this hangover go away!!!

Yesterday, the 21st of March 2010, was it the fall of our American Democratic Republic? I don't know for sure, but I do know that our founding fathers established three branches of our government, to act as checks and balances, one watches over the other. The "Legislative Branch", the "Executive Branch", and the "Judicial Branch". As of yesterday evening, two of these branches have failed the American people. The Legislative and Executive Branches have managed to dismiss the will of the people, and of the states. Through corruption in the form of bribes, and coercion, threats, and bullying, a Health Care reform Bill passed the House of Representatives by a mere 3 votes. The entire process was 100% partisan democrat, not a single Republican voted YES on this Bill. It should be noted, and strongly reinforced that the Republican Party had no way to stop this debacle. The majority Democratic Party passed this measure without interference from Republicans. It should also be noted that the Democrats did NOT have unanimous support of their own representatives. Bottom line, any Bill that is so good for the American people, should have had 100% backing by their own party. A Bill that was supposed to be so good for the American people, should not have required the majority party to participate in illegal bribes and arm twisting of their own people to buy the necessary votes to pass.

So my fellow patriots here's how I see it. Because of the procedures used to attain passage of this Bill, were in my mind's eye, unconstitutional, not to mention un-American. The Bill must and will be challenged in our country's 3rd branch of government, the Supreme Court, whose job it is to uphold the Constitution of the United States. My faith in the established form of our Democratic Republic, will not wane until the Supreme Court also fails the American people. There are no less than 37 states that will file suit in the Supreme Court as soon as Barack Obama signs this Health Care Reform Bill into law. Challenges will be as too the Constitutionality of both the Bill itself, and too the means in which it was written, and passed.

The founders of this nation created a Senate (at the time of our founding, the senate was appointed, not elected by the people). The Senate's job is to represent the rights of their respective states. The House of Representatives were established to represent the rights of the people of their respective states. It is obvious, that neither of these congressional houses have represented the states or the peoples will. When this happens, the people turn to the Judicial branch for determination. We can only hope and pray that the Supreme Court, will hear the appeal of "We The People", and uphold the Constitution. There is always the chance, that this third branch of government will also FAIL the American people. This of course, will leave us at a crossroads where no one wants to be stranded. Our founding fathers knew full well that our Republic would be very difficult to keep. Surprisingly, we have kept it for over 232 years. The founder's made provisions for this very situation we may find ourselves in. The Second Amendment was placed in the Constitution for a times like these. As uninviting, and unnerving as that may sound. Unless "We the People" are ready and willing to give up our freedom, our liberty, our unalienable rights, then God forbid, we must be willing to fight for them. "Those who hammer their weapons into plowshares, will plow for those who did not." Many years ago, I took an oath to defend this country and it's constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. I meant it in 1967, and I mean it today in 2010.
Reality tells me, that there may be no peaceful way to regain our liberty and freedom, or restore tranquility. The dilemma; are there enough Americans today with the love of country and constitution in their hearts and souls, and do they have the same courage and fortitude as our Founding Father's did in 1775? Will they be willing to pledge their lives, their property, and their sacred honor? I do, how about you?

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