Saturday, December 19, 2009


On the Seventh Day of Christmas, my True Love gave to me, Seven Swans A-Swimming.
The Seven Swans represent the Seven Holy Gifts of the Holy Spirit: 1) prophecy, 2) ministry, 3) teaching, 4) exhortation, 5) giving, 6) leading, and 7) compassion. (Romans 12:6-8; cf. 1Corinthians 12:8-11)
We all need to remember this day: Saturday, December 19, year of our Lord 2009. This is the day we found out that there is no sitting Democrat Senator that cannot be bought. Breaking News today: Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska, the lone holdout, has agreed to sign on to the Senate Health Care Bill, for an untold amount of money, and other incentives. According to Senator Kent Conrad, the deal is similar to the bribe taken by Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, a paltry 300 million dollars. In Senator Kent Conrad's own words, regarding Nelson's deal, " Oh, it'll be much more than that". So, where does that leave the American people? It leaves us at the mercy of our elected officials. The government that has managed to take over huge private industries, i.e., GM, and Chrysler. The government who has run Medicare, the U.S. Postal Service, Freddy Mac, and Fannie Mae into the ground, and put them on the verge of bankruptcy, will now control every ones health care. This will be the largest redistribution of wealth ever, in the history of the world, not just America.
Suffice to say, "there is no integrity in Washington, D.C. " The sitting legislators have managed to shred even more of the Constitution. The most unpopular Bill ever raised before our Senate and House, going to be voted on, and shoved down the throats of all Americans. Washington, D.C. will not listen to the American people. We are non-existent as far as those politicians are concerned. It is imperative that each and every legislator that signed onto this Health Care Travesty, be kicked out of office for ever, and never be allowed to run for another position in government. Actually they should be put on trial for treason against the American people. The people we have in Washington, make me sick to my stomach. That means every Democrat from Obama to the the Senate, and the House of Representatives.
God Help This Country, Pray for the conversion of Islam, and for the conviction of our elected leaders in Washington, D.C. AMEN!!!

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