Friday, October 2, 2009


I have never been one to revel at somebody else's failure. Today however, I make a exception. It appears the IOC (International Olympic Committee) has turned down the Obama plea for the next Summer Olympics to be held in Chicago. What a pleasant surprise. I'm sure that Michelle and Barack are none to happy though, after all the two of them managed to waste somewhere near a million dollars of the U. S. taxpayer's dough on a trip to Copenhagen. Oh, I forgot the mission was a sacrifice for Michelle and Barry, let's just call him Barry, just for today, afterall that was his name once, wasn't it? Before he changed it to Barack Hussein. I am sure that the name Hussein was to be instrumental in getting the Olympics to Chicago. Perhaps Barry should have changed his name to, let's see, how about Capone, that would certainly have been better, or Nitty, or Bugsy, that's it Bugsy Barry Obama. If the shoe fits? I'm just sayin'...
When I heard that the IOC eliminated Chicago first, I was to say the least, elated. I understand that there are a couple Rock Stars in the White House now, but I don't think the rest of the world views the Obama's the same way as this country's "Big Left Conference". So allow me to revel in a few failures, the Cap and Tax Bill, the Cash for Clunkers, the Acorn thing (one of my favorites), the Health Care Bill, all of these are poised to be, or have been miserable failures, and now the IOC tells Obama, we really don't care if Chi-town was your home, the Olympics won't be going there. The whole thing makes me feel warm and fuzzy all over. My faith in human nature is somewhat restored. If only the people who voted for Obama would just attempt to see him, for who he is, I would be delighted. We'll just have to pray for that to happen. We'll have to pray it happens, before Obama gets lucky and squeezes one past us, if you know what I mean, and I'm sure you do. Because he never quits trying. Ladies and Gentlemen, Taxpayers, and Future Taxpayers, this is a most opportune time for us to present Barry and Michelle with a million dollar bill, or whatever this little double Copenhagen junket cost us, with a "Payment due upon receipt" statement emblazoned across the top. After all, this was a personal mission for the Obama's, it had nothing to do with the business of this nation, and the taxpayers should not be footing the bill. Oh, one last thing, would someone please calculate the the carbon footprint for Air Force One, and Two for this trip, I'm sure I could run my 3 cars for an entire ten years without polluting the atmosphere as much as they did. It goes without saying, Al Gore would be proud!!!

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